Agile Manifesto

The agile manifesto website was created as a poster advertising four observations that resonated with the attendees of a "lightweight" methods workshop.

The site took on the name "manifesto" when the original domain, was gifted to the organization that took on that name.


I host as a service to the original authors. The site's page views, endorsement rate and translations in progress are all healthy and likely to stay that way.

I am looking for some pro-bono expert assistance preparing the site for another decade of equal performance.

The static html is supplemented by two workflow systems. One, written by Dave Thomas, provides daily moderation of new endorsements. The other, written by me, hosts a private wiki for the communities that write, review and publish translations.

I'd like to make visiting the site the best possible experience from all platforms. This might be as simple as providing a few pull requests to tweak the html for mobile devices. Or, if modifications demand it, touching the workflow interfaces which are in ruby and perl.


Visitor Facing Components ------------------------------------ 1. Manifesto with Signatures 2. Principles 3. About Authors/Manifesto 4. Translations 5. Endorsements Endorsement Workflow -------------------------------- 6. Endorsement Form 7. Email Validation 8. Moderator Interface 9. Retraction Workflow 10. Endorsement Statistics Translation Workflow ---------------------------- 11. Translation Policy and Procedures 12. Work in Progress Tracking 13. Publication Template System 14. Prepublication Staging and Review 15. Commit to Publication 16. Publication Tracking 17. International Font Problems Administration ------------------- 18. Server Configuration 19. Backup 20. Upgrade 21. Moderator Accounts 22. Translator Accounts 23. Analytics