Practice Now

Here I will list my writings on the practices I find useful now. Read them, try them, and practice until they work for you. Add us to your blog reader.

I order these from code to coding to cooperation.

Debug Print at an elevated level of abstraction.

Rubific small language/parser designed test first.

Specialized Values without identity or indirection.

Fear of Floats in modern programs.

Encoding Checks for tables and the like.

Retry with Debugger even in production.

Structure of Convenience as opposed to abstraction.

Leveraged Activities and how to learn them.

Should Have doesn't mean could have, not back then.

Debt Metaphor Explained though still misunderstood.

Forgotten Projects that still need doing.

Easy Programming isn't always the preferred technique.

Triage by Intent to keep bugs from piling up.

Internet of Broken Things but do we really care?

Core Agile is so simple and still easily misunderstood.

Spirit Scientists and how to use them.

XP and Normative Good by which we choose together.